We are more professional
  • Front-end quality inspection

    Chip 100% full particle detection
    Expert technical assistance

  • High temperature aging of finished products

    168 hours aging at high temperature of 135° with load

  • MOS tube quality inspection

    11 parameter detection

  • Free customer service

    Provide detailed reports

  • 24+

    24 years of business operation

  • 18+

    18 years of brand history

  • 13+

    13 years of research and development of mos tube

  • 10+

    10 years of perfecting testing standards

Company Profile

Guangdong Keyea Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the development and design of medium, large and power MOSFETs, fast recovery diodes, and three-terminal voltage regulators, integrating R&D, production and sales.