Company Profile
  Guangdong Keyea Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the development and design of medium, large and power MOSFETs, fast recovery diodes, and three-terminal voltage regulators, integrating R&D, production and sales. . In 2005 in Futian, Shenzhen, KIA Semiconductor started the way forward With a registered capital of 10 million and an office area of 1,200 square meters, it has an independent R&D center. The R&D personnel are from South Korea (Taiwan) super first-class team, which can quickly design solutions based on the individuality of the customer’s application field and introduce multiple foreign advanced equipment and services. Including power device DC parameter detection, avalanche energy detection, reliability experiment, system analysis, failure analysis and other fields. The powerful R&D platform enables KIA to be in the process of manufacturing.
  • R & D Center

    From South Korea. Taiwan, with a super first-class team

  • 1200

    Office area reaches 1200 square meters

  • 16Year

    KIA 16 years of R&D experience

  • 35Item

    Own 35 intellectual property rights in product design

Company Profile
Guangdong KIA Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. (KIA Semiconductor) was established in 2005. From the very beginning of its establishment, the company has clearly established a foothold in the local market, with R&D as the forerunner, understanding customer needs, understanding market needs, using innovative integrated circuit design solutions and international synchronization R&D technology, combined with the characteristics of the Chinese market, has introduced BIPOLAR, CMOS, MOSFET and other power-related products to the market. The product's stability, high cost performance, good service, and a rigorous attitude in technical and market communication with customers, Charging piles, drones, LCD, HID, UPS, electric vehicles, inverters, energy-saving lamps and other fields are well recognized by customers.


In 2007, KIA had a professional multinational cooperative design and R&D team and 8-inch VD-MOS wafer fab in Pohang University of Technology (NINT) in South Korea. Since then, KIA has entered a new era of development of international cooperation and division of labor integrating product development and distribution.


Delivering on promises with quality is the core foundation of KIA's development. In the expansion of the field of professional MOSFET devices, KIA has taken the lead in successfully developing the latest MOSFET series products. The RDS (ON) of the product is greatly reduced, and it has breakthrough performance in the direction of high temperature reliability and stability-the relevant test data standards of the product are equivalent to similar products in Europe and the United States, improving the conversion efficiency of the product for customers, and taking the lead in this type of product Launched in the Chinese market, leading high-end power semiconductor technology to seize the main body of high-end services.

Using innovation to achieve breakthroughs is the source of KIA's continuous advancement. Using innovative integrated circuit design and international synchronous R&D technology, KIA combined with the development direction of the Chinese market and launched BIPOLAR, CMOS, MOSFET and other power-related products to the market. The product has strong stability, high cost performance, and relying on in-depth exploration of customers and high-end technology, rigorous research and development, currently in charging piles, drones, electric vehicles, mobile digital, automotive consumer, LCD, HID, LED, switch Power supplies, inverters, energy-saving lamps and other fields have strategic advantages. KIA is constantly shortening and changing the distance and way of technological life between China and the world.

As a leader in the field of MOSFET devices, KIA is constantly being molded into an international high-tech brand. Introducing the best technology products to the Chinese market and pushing the best Chinese technology to the world is KIA's business philosophy of "joining hands with customers, innovating designs, improving together, and serving the market". As one of the top 100 national high-tech enterprises in Shenzhen, KIA will be confident to welcome the new competition and cooperation in the high-tech field in the future and realize the new development goals of the enterprise.

KIA Advantage
High-grade imported raw materials
All KIA Semiconductor products use pure imported virgin polysilicon as raw materials to establish a solid foundation for product quality.
Top production technology
KIA Semiconductor is developed and designed by a Korean cutting-edge technology team. It has an advanced 8-inch VD-MOS wafer fab. It manufactures packages with the latest international technology. The relevant test data of the product reaches similar products in Europe and America.
Personalized customization service
KIA Semiconductor can adjust the MOSFET parameters and customize it for customers.
Total Quality Management System
KIA Semiconductor implements a comprehensive quality management system to track and monitor the quality of all products, from raw materials to final products, to customer use, to ensure that the products provided to customers are safe and reliable.
International industry standard packaging
All KIA Semiconductor products use standard anti-static vacuum packaging for electronic components to ensure that the products are dry and prevent corrosion.
Hand in hand with customers to develop together
KIA adheres to the concept of "joining hands with customers, innovating design, improving together, and serving the market", looking forward to cooperating with you to create brilliant!